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A-Team (Interlude)

A-Team (Interlude)

Singer:  Abstract
Om filmen:
Written By Abstract
Release Date March 19, 2012

Alright, alright
Yeah, I'm workin' for the better thing
Ain't sharin' bling, no wedding rings
Just multiplyin' digits in a minute when I rap and sing
No need a rocker closet, I'll be wearing what the mail brings
Flow master, I'm the king
Most these rappers ain't a thing
Artists standin' under me; it's A-Team over everything
A-Team, you know what I mean, yeah
Ain't blowin' up on hash bags, blowin' up on hashtags
Never blowin' up no black mags
Rather blow up on the black mags
Shout out to those who know what I mean
Me, I'm always lookin' clean; beanie always be supreme
'Cause when you're that dude, you just try to pass through
But people yellin' out your name, flamin' that they know you
Those who don't support for shit, they actin' like it's you they with
I don't even need a list, I know who all deserves it
It's the crew from the beginning who proved that they believed
It's the ones who stayed when everyone else said to leave
Yeah, that right there is the A-Team
Standin' behind the dream no matter the current scene
And when we make it, they'll be makin' all the currency
Hoes love the flow 'cause now they seein' that the current's green
Yeah, they don't see that you're the best
Till the stranger names the road that you're riding on a success
Yeah, but this is something to relax to
Sip a brew, light a jay, maybe smoke a pack too
Abstract crew, shouts to Old Gramps, dude
Fuck the other dudes, yeah, my team is awesome
Micky, John, and Jason, it's Emigale and Austin?
Had to do a shoutout, I don't do that often
Lotta more people but they the ones that I'm always with
All the names on one song, to be honest, just wouldn't fit
But regardless, if you with it, you the shit
Check the like button—if you ain't hit it, then you a bitch

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6.6/10 (Stemmer: 2945)
Søkeordsamsvar: Rap  Indie rap 
On My Own Time

On My Own Time

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Premieredato: March 19, 2012

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