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Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch

Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch

Singer:  Battalion
Om filmen:

Following the long road
Through the cinders of changshu
Threatening east Asian culture
Breaking through the walls
In service of the emperor
You must beware dishonor
Fearsome soldiers march into
The outskirts of the town
Bloody vengeance in their eyes
Restless heartbeats heard
In the silence it precedes
Acts truly unspeakable
Ready to destroy and degrade
Trained prepared exterminate
Burn down and obliterate
Animal is king
Smother life and profane
Stain with filth
A symbol to oppress the enemy
Red sun rises f*cking fast
Massacre civilians
To increase the high death toll
Three hundred thousand more
Smell of burning embers
In the capital Nanjing
Swallowing east Asian culture
Widespread horrors
Don't contemplate the actions
City of atrocities
Acts of severity
Death, more casualties
Testament of mortality
Unheard stories of extreme brutalities
Gangrape of the women
Spike their tongue in tables, penetrate their c*nt
Bayonet the babies
Gape the uterus
Forced to commit
Incest and necrophilia
Lashed and beaten man
Pummelled to the death
Decapitation common
Chopped heads in the streets
Appalling count of bodies
Punishment severe
Infamous trench
A stretch of land
Then thousand corpse ditch
The graveyard's end
Executed, mutilated
Buried fast, alive
Slaughtered for no reason
This is civilian genocide

Last ned formater:DTS,APE, AC3, FLAC, ADX, CDDA
7.3/10 (Stemmer: 407)
Søkeordsamsvar: Pop 
Welcome to the Warzone

Welcome to the Warzone

Om filmen: -
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Premieredato: 2008

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