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A Winner (Produced by VTWO)

A Winner (Produced by VTWO)

Singer:  Cash Sinatra
Om filmen:

The very first track off of Sinatra’s EP “Radio Raheem”. The VTWO produced track has a very intoxicating hook with a tone that you can’t help but get hooked to. Great way to start off the EP.

Written By Cash Sinatra
Recorded At Hook Up Studios
Release Date January 17, 2017


Showed shorty what i do, now she runnin' wit' a winner
(Got her runnin' wit a winner, now she runnin' wit a winner)
Gotta do it real smooth, Cabernet wit the dinner
(Gotta do it real smooth, real smooth, real smooth)
Last brother was some trash got her takin' out the litter
First, he got exposed, now she see the bigger picture
I tried to take her out, but now im all up in her
(All up in her, all up in her)

Now she runnin' wit a winner, Ou !


Now she running wit a winner
Got class cabernet Wid the dinner
Round glass wit the Bae for the sinner
She gon give It up but she never been a quitter (Ayyeee)
Louder moves, louder chunes
Y'all been sleep for some time if you snooze then you lose
(If you snooze then you lose)
Control cruise how I do
My groove like the mob "bada bing, bada boom"



She runnin wit a winner
Running wit a winner
I'm runnin all up in her, all up in her, all up in her
She thinkin imma spin her cuz my steeeezzzz
So I take her to catch a lil breeze on the beach
Good times & a good night
Uh,good wine & some good aiii
Sinatra be the Name so I keep it Frank
Get the Shmoney we gon break the bank



You run with a winner like sinner ya dinner gon always be served with some cabernet
We woke up early the morning to catch us a flick & we hit up a matinee
It was a Monday but we turned up & treat it like it was a Saturday
We was in Queens but all of the vibes you would've thought it was Mandalay

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7.6/10 (Stemmer: 2143)
Søkeordsamsvar: Rap  Epistle 
Radio Raheem

Radio Raheem

Om filmen:

Sinatra.. or Raheem rather, has 5 singles that the people need to hear. Post “Raheem”, Cash’s latest work, Sinatra brings you some fun filled vibes that take you on a trip with a listen. Sinatra gets the production for this one from Queens' own VTWO, Mel Muzik from Brooklyn & ADREAL who too is from Brooklyn, NY. Sinatra also goes with an all Brooklyn lineup with his features as well, which include Kevin AntoniYo, Tae Sav & Tommy Flee. Whether it be the island vibes flowing throughout “Yoga”, the intoxicating hook & tone in “A Winner” or the hard-hitting “No Talkin” anthem, “Radio Raheem” is bound to be circulating through your heads within listens. ENJOY !

Featuring Kevin AntoniYo
Producers ADREAL
Writers Cash Sinatra
A Winner (Produced by VTWO)
Mama (Prod. by My Riddim)
Yoga (From Me to You) (Prod. by ADREAL) (Ft. Tae Sav & Tommy Flee)
No Talkin' (Ft. Kevin AntoniYo)
Count Me Out
Premieredato: 2017

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