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The Mental Wizard

The Mental Wizard

Singer:  Willie Green
Om filmen:
Release Date September 23, 2016

Verse 1: PremRock
Can you feel the hand’s twitching
Pan’s Labyrinth position
Damnit the sand siftin’
Piercing through my hand’s shiftin’
Man…. Listen!
It’s a game of ambition
Pill powder pop drippin’
Sacrificial lamb fishin’
Dip into the livestock
Hologram Pac Risen
Plots thicken
Clock stop ticking
Pop Lock
Who got rhythm ?
Empty handed painter from your streets
Keeping what I gather drawing patterns on your sheets
Counting sheets into the wind
Grit my teeth until the end
Spit my piece until it blend
Keep it brief is my intent
Livin’ life like it’s quill driven
Still life I’m still living
Real life in reel to reel is real different
Dripped ink…
Interpretive vision
Now tell me what you see
It’d take a nation of a million deities to stop my belief
Mach 3 speed I achieve when dragging my feet
React to a fleeting moment of deceit

Chorus: x2
Like this is my conceit do with it what you will
But best keep the receipt
No returneth from the deep it’s getting deeper still
I speak that head nod, no woe is me
Camus’ ‘Stranger’ motif
Like all this fuss over little old me???

Verse 2: Milo
That’s when the old gray cloud burst
That’s when the old gray cloud burst
That’s when the pernicious symbol of oppression let itself defecate endlessly on our standards
Pen the draft how Pharaoh eats grapes
Recite the return date
To blue suede cheapskates
I think of Jack Gilbert’s tiger eating pink melon
In Pinkberry
With my older brother who’s now a felon
And just as genial as he ever was
Tho still quick to ask what merits the staring cuz
Told Willie Green clock the beat so the feelings right
Milo rap with an aura of healing light
And a pop filter of clear topaz
Kept a satchel packed with ornate doodads
For unplanned camping trips
Paid for by mp3 streams and candid rips
Of unbalanced sample flips
(That’s as ample as it gets??)

Chorus: 4x

Med:​milo , PremRock
Produsert:Willie Green
Last ned formater:MP3, WMA, OGG, AC3, CDDA
9.5/10 (Stemmer: 399)
Søkeordsamsvar: Rap 
Doc Savage

Doc Savage

Om filmen: -
Featuring Amy Leigh Richards
Producers Willie Green
Writers Willie Green
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Premieredato: 2016

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